FB Suppliers is a network consisting of approx. 100 members focusing on large infrastructure and energy projects on and around Lolland-Falster.

Largest current projects:

  • The fixed link between Denmark and Germany
  • The new Storstrøm Bridge
  • The potential near-shore wind farm "Smålandsfarvandet"
  • "Kriegers Flak" wind farm


Our objective

It is the objective of our members to be actively involved in the construction of these projects by providing workmanship and other related services.

As a network, FB Suppliers can offer one-stop-shopping on a 24/7 basis within all areas requested by the contractors and entrepreneurs

We invite contractors, entrepreneurs and subcontractors to obtain information about our services.  Please read section “Client” or contact Benny Damgaard on telephone 2041 5262.

Members as well as companies seeking information about membership can read more about this subject under “Member” or contact Benny Damgaard on telephone 2041 5262.

We look forward to a good cooperation.


We offer local knowledge and experience with an international network in a one-point-of-contact concept

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Be part of a well-established supplier organisation who can handle any job

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