As a member of FB Suppliers you will be given the opportunity to become involved in the work combined with major constructions and you will also experience strong potential for enhanced cooperation and growth.

The projects concerned include the future fixed link to Germany, the new Storstrøm Bridge, the potential near-shore wind farm “Smålandsfarvandet” and “Friegers Flak” wind farm.

In addition, Femern Belt Suppliers offer their assistance in connection with the bidding process.

Open for all companies

Local knowledge and international experience

A well-established supplier organisation

Marketing and sales promotion

The association FB Suppliers aims to draw attention to and promote the member companies’ competences in Denmark as well as abroad in relation to the Fehmarn connection and other major projects in Region Zealand.

The wish is to create local growth and jobs as well as facilitate knowledge sharing within the network in order to optimize the service towards the clients.

In addition to a turnover of approx. 9 million kroner, generated to the FB Suppliers network by the four owners, extra attention is concentrated on B to B assignments between the members. At present, four other companies have bid for “member to member” assignments. The four companies are Knuthenborg, Loxam, ProfilService and Arkil.  Hopefully, this focus will result in contracts  for several million kroner being put out to tender on an annual basis. 

The FB Suppliers board consists of:

  • Martin Skibsted, Saxkjøbing Sukkerfabrik, Chairman
  • Karsten Juhl, Deputy Chairman
  • Kenneth Norre, LE34
  • Michael Lauritsen, Stark Maribo
  • Lars Stuckert