The Femern Belt Suppliers network grows

More than 100 companies are now a part of FB Suppliers in Roedby. The network supplies all types of services to large construction projects of mutual benefit to the projects and the local business community.

When the contractors for large construction projects need carpenters, smiths, cleaning services, lawyers or accountants, they only need to address the network FB Suppliers. The basic idea of the business network is to gather different local services under one roof. This has already proven to be a good idea, and it has yielded several assignments. The primary objective is to deliver services to the construction of the Fehmarn Belt Tunnel, which is going to link Denmark and Germany with an 18-kilometre immersed road and railway tunnel.

“We gather decades of craftsman experience and services from many different industries and make them easily accessible for the contractors or owners as they only have to contact us to access numerous suppliers. As well as it creates a natural and easy workflow, it creates growth and development. The increase of members shows us that the activity in the area is developing positively. Recently, we welcomed our member no. 100 and now we offer more competences than ever”, says Susanne Vemmelund, Head of Sales and Development for FB Suppliers. After the large increase in members, FB Suppliers have moved to new and bigger offices, with a view over the future production area, offering their members and other interested parties flying workstations.

FB Suppliers represent more than 100 companies and over 10,000 local employees. In addition to growth and employment, the members can benefit further.

“We experience that several members in the network have a unique opportunity for knowledge sharing with other specialists both from their own as well as from other industries. FB Suppliers also facilitate co-operation between different industries. Since we started two years ago, the amount of members has been increasing steadily which confirms the need for a local network of this type. A network which can benefit many operators in large scale constructions”, says Susanne Vemmelund.

Further information:
Head of sales and development in FB Suppliers: Susanne Vemmelund – mobile: +45 6014 2353

24 April 2014:10:21